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Some simple stuff for all to read, ill split it up into sections WRITERS and READERS and EVERYONE

each post you make in this is to be an update (one exception noted next), you are allowed to put an authors note at the beginning and end of your update that's it

your very first post before you begin the story is to contain the title of the fanfic, credits to helpers, what it is about, general information, a personal note to the readers (become their friend sort of thing I guess. include things like if you are a regular fanfiction writer or if it is your first time), a warning for what it may contain (gore ect) possible spelling errors or anything like that if you have difficulty spelling, (optional stuff) oc character sheet, reasoning for doing the fanfic/ inspiration, make a shoutout for a member the story could be dedicated to and other extra information you wish to entre

please make sure your updates are't just 5-10 lines, make them worth the effort of posting and reading please

in your description at the beginning or on the FIRST page of your fanfiction please make a small note of what exactelly it will contain as a warning (gore, swearing ect) just as an extra warning for readers

a character sheet for your oc/'s IS allowed to be an update on it's own (preferred at the beginning of the fanfic or at regular intervals for every 2 oc's introduced or something)

adding extra information like (ocX (insert another character original or part of what your fanficing over) would be very much appreciated on your first post if you are certain of where the story will go otherwise this is just an optional thing to attract readers

please credit anyone who helped in the making of the fanfic in the first initial post (and in the authors note for ideas through out the story)

if you get stuck why not get the readers involved? they can be very helpful, you might even find some people similar for a possible collab later in your fanfiction career Very Happy


don't go around looking intentionally for stuff you hate so you can hate on the writer. if you don't like it, don't read it.

helpful criticism and tips for writers are a good way to help your favourite fanfic writer with their story

be thoughtful, if the writer isn't updating as much as you would like please don't spam their pm, a polite word or 2 is ok but beyond that is plain annoyance.

only the person whom is writeing the fanfic is to post onto their story forum area, any comments and suggestions are to be sent to their pm. this is so people who wish to start reading later in the story don't have to search through a heap of comments to find the next update Very Happy

also just for these areas can people refrain from using the cyan colour when they title their stories and so on. I would personally like to use that for an admin rules update or so on, this is only in effect in the fanfiction area Very Happy (this will likely change so don't sweat it if this is very bad for you)

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