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Post by LadyChuckAButler on Sun Feb 01, 2015 3:56 am

So yeah.
If you didn't bother reading the description, this post may contain spoilers on the general plot of the game.

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but was like "I should do another play-through first"
Now I've finished the game 3 times. Fun.
Anyway, onto the subject at hand.

Dragon Age Inquisition is rather unique compared to the last 2 games (Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2), the graphics are better (this is a matter of opinion; I found the graphics absolutely crap in some parts of the game.), it has a new engine, you can jump, you can make your own stuff, and it has different paths depending on what you did in the first 2 games, which you can access at dragonagekeep.com. The plot, however, is pretty borderline boring after a few play-throughs; You wake up somewhere, shit happens, you become the unofficial hero of the world, more shit happens, you save the world yay, end of the game. Oh, and it's a free roam game; you can still play after it's finished, a feature the previous 2 games didn't have. I don't like how you can't interact with your companions once the game is finished, it did warn me that some content would be unavailable, but I didn't expect it to be general interactions with EVERYBODY YOU FUCKING WORK WITH.

The multiplayer feature is new as well, which features you and 3 other randoms/friends doing certain missions for your Inquisition, gathering materials, killing things, getting schematics, so on and so forth. You do not get to play as your character though, rather, you get to play as agents, The Keeper (Mage), Archer (Rogue), Assassin (Rogue), and a Dwarf Thing who's name I forgot (Warrior). You can even unlock agents as you play, picking up certain objects will allow you play certain characters. The skill trees are completely different too, I'm not going to explain how as it confuses me.

The romance is a little lacking, you do get good scenes, but that's it. Good scenes, nothing bad and nothing great.
They can be comedic, as seen with The Iron Bull's romance which involves him posing naked as your commanders walk in, or they can be "oh, wtf" as seen with Blackwall's romance when he reveals that he is actually Thom Ranier, the guy who indirectly killed Blackwall.
Though I've yet to explore many romances (I have only completed Blackwall's romance and I am working on Cullen's now, planning to do Josephine that pun next as well.)

The character creation is my least favourite feature. I mean, it's good when it comes to customizing and stuff (apart from Qunari, who were supposed to be grey skinned, instead you can make them a typical white or black, which really conflicts with the lore from the first two games. Not to mention their hairstyle is extremely limited and their complexion is horrid at times.) but the voice options suck. I mean, you get 2 options; British or American. British is okay, but the American voice sounds completely retarded in my opinion. And those two voices apply to every race, which I find stupidly stupid, Dwarves are supposed to have accents, as are Qunari. They're supposed to sound different compared to Humans and Elves. But no, they don't.

The glitches are funny at times, sometimes you can end up in a wall due to a certain move that rogues can learn, or you can be launched into the sky due to bad physics and programming.

I like the addition of fall damage, but it should've at least been made so it can kill you if you fall too much, because stopping the damage with 10% health left breaks every sort of law ever invented for gravity. You can find this chick dead in a river because she fell a short distance, yet the Inquisitor can fall OFF A FUCKING CLIFF AND STILL FUCKING LIVE.

The amount of plot armour I saw was surprising too, especially with the main antagonist.
"What? You cornered me? DRAGON OUT OF NOWHERE YAY" "What? You're about to make my pawn fall off a ledge and into lava? DRAGON OUT OF NOWHERE YAY"

Anywho, I'm done with ranting. If you've played Dragon Age: Inquisition, do tell me how you like it or dislike it so far.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Empty Re: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Post by Crowzur on Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:11 am

Never played it, never will. Wink

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