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The Siren's Void - Reborn Empty The Siren's Void - Reborn

Post by LadyChuckAButler on Tue May 05, 2015 3:36 am

It is 4E 865, 6th of Frostfall, Morndas. It was foretold that the world would be thrown into utter chaos at the beginning of the 5th era. Because of this, the Elder Council has always made sure the Mede bloodline never ended, thus delaying the prophecy. However, Titus Mede XXIV is on the verge of death as he struggles against illness, all of his heirs, illegitimate and legitimate alike, were brutally murdered by the cult known as The Siren's Void, who worship the newly discovered Daedric Prince of War and Plague, Siren. The end of the 4th era is getting closer each passing day.

Siren has manipulated her followers into disposing of the heirs and Titus Mede and had caused outbreaks of plagues among various cities in Tamriel. She wished to invade Nirn and cause a worldwide war. Siren has attempted to cross from Obivion to Nirn many times, only to have her plans ruined by Boethiah and Mephala, her sworn enemies. Because of this, 2 major cults had been formed in their honour. Silent Swords solely dedicated themselves to Mephala while Blooded Glory dedicated themselves to Boethiah.

Rumours have spread that powerful beings have appeared throughout Skyrim and Cyrodiil, new magic has been discovered and the mysterious of the Dwemer unraveled, despite this, only those who aren't gifted in magic seem to able to handle anything Dwarven, those who are gifted in magic are poisoned and die a slow death. The Arcane University has continued to make new spells, believing that one day they can find a spell to prolong the lives of Humans so that it rivals the lifespan of the Elves. Most Elves found this blasphemous and have declared an all out war on humankind. In this age nearing total chaos, what will you do? Where will you stand? How will you overcome it?

In order to answer these, you must first decide on who you are...

(Enter character creation screen thingy here)
Rules :
Standard RP Rules
You can only start or travel in Skyrim, Cyrodiil or Solstheim.
Do not be OP
Do not kill other OCs without permission
Do not remove the limbs off of another OC without permission
You can have 3 OCs at a time
Give other OCs time to react, unless they put you into limbo ( a place or state of oblivion for persons or things cast aside, forgotten, or out of date, basically interacting with someone's OC and not replying after they react. )
Familiars exist. A familiar is an animal who has subconsciously bonded with a Human, Elf or Beast.
Familiars count towards the OC count if they aren't paired with another OC.
Familiars can switch between an animal form and a humanoid form.
Familiars retain certain animal features in their humanoid form.
You can have custom magic, but it must be approved first.
You can have custom weapons, but it must be approved first.
You can have custom armour, but it must be approved first.
Magic from the Shivering Isles, Knights of the Nine, Dragonborn and Dawnguard exist.
You can have a family heirloom, like a necklace, weapon or unique spell and so on.
If you have no magical abilties you are able to handle the Dwemer technologies.
If you have any kind of magical abilites, you cannot handle Dwemer technology.
You need to be in any of the Factions below.
Factions include: The Siren's Void, Blooded Glory, Silent Swords, Imperial Shadow Corps, Unaligned, and Custom Factions (Need to be approved).

You will need a character card to join. Post it here.
Major Skills (3 skills max. 1 Master, 2 Expert):
Minor Skills (2 skills max. 2 Novice, Apprentice and/or Adept. A mix of these is fine.):
Magic/Spells (Maximum of 8, more can be aquired throughout the roleplay):
Current Location:

(More may be added to this overtime)


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