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Post by black knight on Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:01 am

Name:john blackwater
Characteristics:stubborn smart and crazy
Weapons:1 custom made civil war era replica revolver that has been adapted to shot normal bullets 2 1911 pistols 2 hunting knifes 1 sword and a tommy gun all from before the war.
the civil war revolver is kept in a pistol holder his belt a 1911 pistol on both sides as well as a sword on the right and a hunting knife on both sides.his tommy gun is hung across his back and ammo clips held in his right pocket.
Skills:military stealth techniques sword play weapons handling
Fears:not being able to change the world back
Age:22(ages quite slowly because of time travel actually 42)
Appearance:tall 170cm muscular build strong facial features wears a black top hat gold steam punk goggles with red lens a white undershirt with blood red vest on top black dress pants black dress shoes and a black swallow tailsuit

History:a agent fighting evil creatures for the D.O.M.C.C(department of mythical creatures control)near the start of the war he was in a insane asylum for killing a "local hero" who was a demon hat had gone on a murder spree when he came out the world was in chaos and he started a resistance after a year of fighting he was caught and sent to a gladiator arena for three years he survived and won his freedom then became a alcoholic and doing bare knuckle no rules fighting for money.
Other:best agent in the D.O.M.C.C and there greatest asset and sacrificed himself for the men he lead which lead to his capture
how they contacted you:the bar i was living in asking me to fight with the resistance again
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