Kiana Foristeim

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Kiana Foristeim

Post by LadyChuckAButler on Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:45 pm

Race: Heaven-Born Human/Elf half breed.
Age: 14

Gender: Female


Weapons: a kitchen knife

Magic: Angel and Water

Skills: She can jump really high

Location: Survivor's Shelter

History: Growing up with Kegyr wasn't an easy life for Kiana, they were constantly moving, until they found the Shelter. She can't fight, so she stays at the Shelter, healing the sick and injured that Kegyr brings back from the streets. Kiana, like Kegyr, doesn't know her parents, nor does she care


Misc. She's a afraid of dying. Mentally scarred due to her experiences. She's straight.


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