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Post by IceBrew on Thu Jul 03, 2014 10:31 pm

  • Name: Frank B. Jones
  • Race: Human
  • Age: Mid-thirties
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality traits: Secretive, manipulative, liar, sly, greedy, smart, patient and calm
  • Appearance: About 1.7 meters tall, Frank isn't the tallest person around. But he ain't small either. Wearing a brown tophat, yellowish trenchcoat, old brown jeans and a red shirt he's fairly hard to miss. Another thing that will catch a spectator's eye is his old guitar, an umbrella and a suitcase all of which are as important to him as his life. It's not clear why he never parts with these. He also carries an empty cigar box around and a broken pocket watch.
  • Weapons: A blade hidden in his umbrella.
  • Magic: Fire
  • Skills: He can play his guitar fairly well. His main repertoire consists of blues, folk and some old rock 'n' roll music. He's also a fairly smooth talker and quite manipulative. While not able to craft bullets or advanced weapons, he's able to makeshift some basic survival objects.
  • History: Being a son of wealthy businessman he's always had only one goal in life: to acquire as much money as possible. And he'd been pretty successful in his trade. Fraud, manipulation, human traffic, smuggling and even murder. That was his daily bread. Of course his real job had been a house retailer, but everyone knew that's not his real face.
    After the disaster he'd presumably lost everything or it would seem so. But no, it was just another start for the good old Frank. He's started going around exploring, surviving, but mostly looting, for his goal hasn't changed even in the post-apocalyptic reality. His main trade nowadays is selling looted weapons, food and ammunition which he carries around in his suitcase.
  • Misc: He prefers not to engage in unnecessary conflicts and will abandon or betray others if the situation looks bad for him. He also tends to avoid the Shelter and the Chapel.
  • Location: Train Tracks

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