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Post by LightningRose-Hime on Thu Jul 10, 2014 9:21 am

Name: Kanade Elendoor

Nickname: Kana

Race: Demon-Elf

Age: 13 1/2

Gender: female

Personality: can seem cold or generally uncaring upon fist meeting her however she's in truth a very nice girl; despite being bullied as a child. Once she opens up she is very out going and playful (and likes to ship a certain bisexual pair of boys) however like everyone has moments where she'd rather be left alone. you are advised not to get on her bad side though.

Kanade Elendoor Wings%20blue%20eyes%20skirts%20feathers%20heterochromia%20thigh%20highs%20shino%20white%20hair%20pink%20eyes%20anime%20girls%20_wallpaperswa.com_84

Weapons: her magic and three Kunai.

Magic: Flight and Entropy-Skill Tree Drain Life

Skills: Her silent flight and excellent aim when throwing her Kunai

History: Kana lived in an orphanage up until she was 8 and ran away. all thought her life pure bread humans would beat her up for being a half breed and "inferior". She grew to hate the human race and all those who socialized with them. In the hard world that is all she can remember her she lives every day as it comes, focusing on survival. She has considered seeking refuge in the Survivor's Shelter but opted other wise.

Location: Revorn Bridge

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