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Post by khajiit16 on Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:04 pm

THIS SECTION IS ONLY FOR SHOW OF OC'S. DO NOT LINK AN RP MAKER HERE TO FIND YOUR OC. if you want to use an oc you have written down here in an rp them please copy and paste them in the rp. and if you want to make it even better (once you have COPYIED you oc into the rp) just put your oc's description into a spoiler thing so that way each post you make the rp maker can have you oc right there to refer to. this way you also don't clutter the page with 12 lines of your oc's description.

please use this area like it is meant to be. this is only for show or for you to store your oc on so you can COPY them onto a rp (this is helpful if you use the same oc on a lot of rp's. this way you can have a place to keep them so you don't have to constantly write them out.)
it is too much of a hassle for an rp maker to have to come here to look for your oc and time wasting. remember these people are very busy and by following this rule you will make there lives a lot easier

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