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Post by black knight on Fri Jul 11, 2014 9:19 am

the commander walk to the front of the room next to the projection of a asylum that had been closed down for year's tree's and other plant life had taken over "right men and women you have been briefed on how this building has been used to create monster's and various horrific experiment' all probably shock it off as rumor but however it is not rumor but FACT.this is why we are sending you in to close it down and work out who has been creating these monster and if possible rescue a old war hero who was sent there for killing a supposed demon" the next slide moved into place this one showed a person with his eye's gouged out and wing surgically sown to his back eating a solider "this was the first experiment to cause us trouble which was found on a 2km hick in the nearby forest"the next slide come into place this time a bulky fat man with stitch's all over his body and gear's coming out of his head where his brain was suppose to be but this time in front of the asylum " as you can see this ins't humane or natural and we believe thee is worse in side so you all will be choosing your own weapon's to give you the greatest edge once inside you will have no way to contact us ".a week had past with constant training and re brief's we had just been dropped off in front of the asylum what we may find inside we just don't know.
it would be appreciated if so effort was put into this and if this role play is not taken seriously i will have your character killed of because i am trying to create a dark atmosphere in the rp sarcasm is allowed i just don't want people doing thing's like being thrown through wall's to be licked by super cute dog's
p.s joe and nemo cannot join because nemo put's no effort in and joe isn't serious only five member's will be accepted
(anorak if you could can you put approved and disapproved thing in )thank you all
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The Asylum Empty Re: The Asylum

Post by Dragonfire1226 on Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:27 pm

Name:Van hellsing
Characteristics: anger driven, hardy
gender: male
Weapon's:crossbow, solar grenades, silver blade curressed in holy water
History: A famous hunter known for the slaughter of the Dracula family and death of the beast of gevaudon
Appearance:black coat, black hat, light leather armour
Skill's:trained by monks to kill demons
Fear's:becoming a monster
Other: wears Dracula tooth around neck
Ammo: x150 silver bolts, x11 solar grenades, x2 silver blades


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