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david steelwater

Post by black knight on Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:53 am

Name: David Steelwater
weapons: mauser http://www.airsplat.com/Images/GR-HGBB-196LW.jpg a hunting knife and 2 adapted flare gun which can shoot shotgun shell's http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/fallout.gamepedia.com/thumb/c/cf/Flare_gun_blown_up.png/180px-Flare_gun_blown_up.png?version=6bbe402221d220f3068c5637e1133225
Skills/Abilities:one of the three that can jump at will expert marksman with his mauser and has a pair of spring loaded grappling hooks
Fears:being captured and experimented on.
Appearance:a three piece casual black suit, black trousers,black sneakers jet black hair and blue eyes
History: living on the streets because of a accident his family died in. he became one of the first kids kidnapped and experimented on. he soon escaped and managed to control his power's he is public enemy number one because he chooses to fight the government then flee like all the other experiments.
Other:being the last one of the first subject's the government didn't bother with amnesia so he can remember most of what happened to him making him at times up stable.
added info: the governments perfect test subject and was heavilly guarded and taken everywhere with the officials to make sure he didn't escape he also witnessed countless diesections leading to trauma and countless flash backs to his previous hell. his only comfort in his life of experimentation was a general who protected him like his own son and making sure he was given some freedom his most prized possecion is this mans gold pocket watch which he acquiered in his escape where this man died defying his own government.
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