Constantine (the extinction of dracula )

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Constantine (the extinction of dracula ) Empty Constantine (the extinction of dracula )

Post by black knight on Wed Jul 09, 2014 5:31 am

Name: Constantine
Characteristic's:unfriendly stubborn agile and a quick thinker
Weapon's: poisoned throwing knife's two hunting knife's twin 44. revolvers and a crossbow
Skill's/abilities:run along and up wall's(for short amount's of time)expert marksman and proficient with most weapons.
Appearance: blue eye's black hair (without the facial hair)
History:from a young age he knew of the world the government kept secret.his farther was a D.O.M.C.C because of this it lead to his family being murdered by werewolves and 16 year old David being the only survivor after this the D.O.M.C.C gave him a house and trained him to defend himself from the creature's humanity has no knowledge of at the age of 20 he became a agent.
Other:has a hatred of were wolves and seek's vengeance on one called Ron gregsory
Fears:he doesn't have a crippling fear but in particular he doesn't like sea demon's
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