Ignis Firebrand

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Ignis Firebrand

Post by LadyChuckAButler on Thu Jul 24, 2014 6:10 am

(I have already posted this exact Char. Card in The Siren's Void, putting it here so I don't have to refer to the very first page of the RP to retrieve him should other RPs that I will use him in appear later on in the year)

Name : Ignis Firebrand
Age : 18
Gender : Male
Race : Fox Familiar
Faction : None
Appearance :
Fox Form
Humanoid Form
Weight : 91kg or 202lbs, mainly muscle.
Height : 2.1m or 6ft 10in
Strengths : Agile, Fast and good at close combat
Weaknesses : horrible archer, vulnerable to ranged attacks, vulnerable to Lightning Based Magic.
Major Skills ( 3 ) : One-Handed (Expert), Atheltics (Expert, Shape shifting (Master)
Minor Skills ( 2 ) : Destruction (Adept), Acrobatics (Apprentice)
Magic : Shapeshift, Fire Ball and Firebolt and Flames
Current Location : Riverwood, Whiterun Hold, Skyrim.
Misc : Has an Akaviri Katana he uses for close combat. Is usually seen in ash red clothing (Long pants and a Shirt with one long sleeve on the left side, and is sleeveless on the right side), an armband made of wolf fur which is displayed on his right bicep, black boots and a white bandana he has around his neck, which doubles for a mask.


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